County Match Regulations

  1. DRESS.  Pre and post match, all matches :- County Dress, consisting of navy blue or black blazer and where applicable the Count Blazer Badge, white shirt, County tie and grey trousers, must be worn for arrival at all County Matches and for the after match activities. A player not qualified to wear the County Blazer Badge may wear his Club badge.
    President's Match :- white trousers, white socks and flat-heeled white shoes, a white shirt with the County tie. Where applicable, hats or caps, if worn must be white, waterproofs should be white or County approved pattern.
    Inter County Match :- As for President's Match, except that County colours shirt must be worn instead of the white shirt and County tie. If and when required, County patterned jacket will be worn during inter County friendly matches.
    The holder of an International Badge may wear the Tie and Blazer Badge of the National Association by whom it was awarded.
    The County Blazer Badge must be worn over the left breast pocket.
  2. "COLTS"  A player selected for and playing in his first County match must wear a County tie. He will be presented with a County lapel badge after the match.
    The Warwickshire Blazer Badge is awarded to those players who have represented the County and/or given exceptional service. It should be worn with pride on the left breast pocket of the blazer and only superseeded by an International or International Trial Badge. The following are the criteria for the award of a County Badge:
    1. A player who has been nominated by his Club plays six representative games over a period of not less than three years.
    2. A player who has played in six Inter-County (Middleton Cup) matches.
    3. A player who is nominated to represent Warwickshire, and plays in one or more of the Bowls England National Championships at Worthing.
    4. Any other player at the sole discretion of the Executive Committee, who they consider deserving of the honour.

    Note: A County Match played during the County Tour or a President's Game Shall not be recognised as a qualifying match for the award of a County Blazer Badge.
  3. "MIDDLETON CUP" FLASH.  A player selected for and playing in six Inter County Championship matches (Middleton Cup), will be presented with a "Middleton Cup"e; blazer flash. The flash must be worn underneath the scroll of the Blazer Badge.
  4. "UNDER 25's FLASH"  A player selected for and playing four games over a period of two years, or reaching the semi-final of the Under 25s Championship, or at the discretion of the Executive Committee will be presented with an "Under 25s Flash".
    1. Teams for President's matches shall only be by invitation of the President and shall not be selected by the Executive Committee.
    2. County dress must be worn for all President's Matches unless otherwise stated in the invitation.
    3. President's Matches shall not qualify for an award of a County Blazer Badge.


  • 13 Oct
    Executive Meeting 19:00 to 20:00
  • 20 Nov
    AGM 14:00 to 16:00
  • 07 Dec
    Executive Meeting 19:00 to 20:00