Warwickshire were again in Somerset, this time for their crunch winner takes all match against Cornwall in the Middleton Cup at North Petherton BC. A win with at least two winning rinks would see the Bears finish top of the group and progress to play in the area final. A thrilling game came down to the very last wood but it was Cornwall that came out on top, winning 130-129 and picking up 16 of the available points./p>

Ian Billington (Whitnash), Derek Maries, Dan Ellicott (Avenue Leamington) and Andy Walters (Welford) were ten shots down with twelve ends played but dug in clear the deficit and then move two shots ahead with one end left. Harry Smith (Nuneaton), Rob Maries (Avenue Leamington), Adam Shuttleworth (both Whitnash) started well and as with the Walters rink the difference after twelve ends was ten shots, this time for the Bears. Cornwall fought back and reduced that to six with two ends to go.

With the other four rinks finished and Walters having one wood left he held three shots with a risky shot that could make that four or risk it dropping to one. The overall match situation at the time was the Bears three shots down, after a brief consultation with Millership Walters went for it but had to settle for picking up two shots, final score 25-21 to the Bears. The overall situation now one down, Millership dropped a two on the penultimate end taking the deficit back to three meaning Millership needed to take four or more shots for the overall win. With Millership having two woods left and the opposition skip only one the jack had been sprung to near the edge of the rink, Millership with his penultimate wood drew what would have had him three up but it just failed to get back into the rink. The Cornish skips last wood didn’t change the situation so with no way of converting the current hold of two shots to four so he opted to try and kill the end, his wood missed the target, two shots bringing Millership’s score to 29-23 but more importantly leaving the Bears one shot behind overall.

Mark Smith (Avenue Leamington), Jordan Ward (Rugby), Luke Horne and Adam Smith (both Avenue Leamington) recovered from a slow start to lead by one after seven ends, they maintained a lead for the remainder of the game, winning 23-16. Tom Wheeler (Rugby), Will Brundle (Welford), Keith Wooding and Mark Ireland (both Avenue Coventry) were level after eleven ends and held a two shot lead going into the penultimate end, a good finish by Cornwall saw them snatch a 22-20 victory.

Andy Manning, Keith Avery, Scott Ashby and Graham Ashby (all Nuneaton) started well, leading 11-7 after nine ends but five ends later trailed 11-18. In the remaining ends they could only reduce the deficit, final score 19-23. Aiden Maries (Avenue Leamington), Josh Tiffin (Rugby), Steve Smith (Nuneaton) and Dan Box (Welford) dropped a first end six which they never recovered from final score 13-25.


17 Jul 18:15 - 20:15
Singles R3
19 Jul 18:15 - 20:15
Singles L16
21 Jul
Junior Pairs Day
21 Jul
Semi Final 2