Nuneaton BC again hosted the annual fixture between the IMPS and the County President. Before the game the IMPS sing the first verse of their song and they are only allowed to sing the second verse if they win, President Moran’s team kept them silent as he enjoyed a 112-104 victory.

Senior Vice President Clive Faulkner, Nigel Webb (Norgren), Nigel Hewitson (Rugby) and County President Geoff Moran were all square after four ends but scored eleven unanswered shots to have a good halfway lead. The IMPS had the better of the second half but could only reduce the deficit, final score 19-13 to the President. Rick Hayes (Avenue Leamington), Mike Tansey (Three Spires), Alan Kinge (Nuneaton) and Past President Brian Mace Humphries had a good start but an eleventh end four meant they only held a four shot lead. The IMPS had halved the deficit with two ends left, Mace Humphries’ rink finished with a brace of doubles to win 21-15.

Lee Maughan (Rugby), Bill Mather (Corley), Mike Varnum (Entaco) and Past President Aubrey Brookhouse were four down at the midway point but recovered to reach parity with five ends to go. Two ends out and Brookhouse’s rink trailed by two, they scored a treble to lead going into the last end but dropped a single to finish all level 17 all. Dave Deakin (Avenue Leamington), Match Secretary Mike Hall, Mike Preedy (Avenue Leamington) and Tim Messinger (Wolvey) led by six after eleven ends. With two ends to play the IMPS had cut the deficit to just one shot, a double for Messinger took the difference to three but then conceded a treble on the last end, final score 16-16.

Dave Mobbs (Rugby Railway), Phil Whitmore (Nuneaton), Ian Kendall and Bruce Truman (both Rugby Railway) raced to an early 10-2 lead but were cut down to a two shot lead after ten. Truman and co trebled that with five ends to go but it was cut to one shot heading into the penultimate end. The IMPS scored a four, the Bears took a final end single, losing 21-19. Richard Muir (Avenue Leamington), Lee Hart (Nuneaton), Barry Connolly (Avenue Leamington) and Alan Barker (Kineton) turned half time parity into a six shot lead with five ends to play. A pair of trebles followed by a single saw the IMPS take the lead, Barker and co levelled the game with one end left, The IMPS took it to win 22-20.


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