Due to unfortunate errors two entrants were missed from the Senior Fours draw and an incorrect list of entrants used during the Rugby Area Two Woods draw.

The Senior Fours draw has been altered to add the missing names and all people caught by the changes informed.

Since the draw for the Two Woods used numbers 1-18 the actual draw was deemed as correct and the incorrect entrant list replaced with the correct one.

Downloadable copies of the amended draws are available in the YEARBOOKS link, via the entry called Errata.


  • 30 Apr
    WCBA v Surrey 01:30 PM to 05:30 PM

  • 01 May
    Unbadged 1st Rnd All Day

  • 02 May
    Two Wood Singles 1st Rnd All Day

  • 03 May
    Unbadged 2nd Rnd All Day