Oxfordshire travelled to Nuneaton BC to play Warwickshire in their latest inter county friendly. The visitors had the better of the game, winning 118-106.

County President Graham O’Donohue, Bryn Poore, Gez Huxley (both Nuneaton) and Chris Barton (Kings Heath) reached ten ends leading by three. During the next five ends O’Donohue and co took control of the game, scoring eight unanswered shots. The remaining ends were fairly level, the Bears winning 22-10. Barry Connelly (Avenue Leamington), Assistant Secretary Bob Allcock, Past President Stan Orton and Past President Tony Dawson raced to a 10-0 lead in the opening five ends but the deficit was cut to three by the halfway point. Dawson’s rink edged the second half of the encounter to secure a 20-15 win.

Royston Andrews (Entaco), Boris Boulstridge (Executive), Senior Vice President Don Darby and Ray White (Royal Leamington Spa) were all square at the midway stage and also after fifteen ends. A six on the eighteenth end proved decisive for the Bears, White and co winning 21-17. Ron Davies (Grange), Rodger Sirett (Executive), Mick Moore (Rugby Railway) and Junior Vice President Geoff Moran got off to a good start, reaching ten ends 13-4 up. Oxfordshire went on a seven end scoring spree to take the game away from Moran and co, final score 24-17 to the visitors.

Stan Pitt (Avenue Coventry), Mike Hall (Executive), Keith Francis (Lillington) and Gary Wilkinson (Grange) trailed by five at the halfway point. Oxfordshire doubled their advantage in the second half of the game to win 23-12. Bill Brown (Thornfield), Les Anscombe (WBC), County Treasurer Michael Jackson and David Thomas (FISSC) struggled to score in the first ten ends, down by 14 shots. While they managed a brief rally the remainder of the game saw the sides exchange shots, final score 29-14 to Oxfordshire.


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